An idea arises from a detail and becomes a project. A simple linear detail is enough to perceive the enormous potential of its content. Free-flowing thoughts can be seen in that detail, which initially only appears to be a glimmer of an idea. In an instant, a detail changes and becomes architecture. A sheet of paper begins to communicate, filling up with defined or fragmented open and closed spaces.

Scattered lines on a blank page link up to create a closely coherent space, identifying the embryonic stage of a project, like a creative work that begins to unfold and then stops while waiting for others to observe and continue, knowing how to turn a design idea into a tailor-made solution.

Aisa expresses the ideas of each architect, configuring high-quality innovative solutions. 

Since 1989, Aisa has been producing excellent curtain walls. Each implemented project is a synthesis of accurate planning, especially of details, and consistent research into new technologies.

As a 100% Italian company, Aisa has a powerful production force, with the know-how and manual skills of 50 employees, offering expertise and efficiency in all implementation stages.

A continuous laboratory of ideas, Aisa believes that you can only do well if you have the skills, which is evident.


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